Mel Lloyd - Artist

Mel completed her BA in Visual Arts at Camberwell College (1997-2000) and followed with an MA in Fine Art at Middlesex University (2000 to 2002). She is an accomplished artist, working not only on canvas, but also in ceramics and sculpture, and has taken part in many group exhibitions as well as mounting solo exhibitions. Sales have been both in the UK and abroad, and some of her works hang in private collections.

Mel's paintings are vibrant and lively, full of energy and colour. Using the paint freely, they express both a humourous and light-hearted experiential response, as well as one which is deeply personal and spritual. Her paintings vary in size from 15"x15" to 1.5 metres x 1.5 metres.

She is an avid traveller, and draws on her experiences of working with children in Africa. When at home she works from her studio based in Deptford.